Daily Lal Kitab Rashiphal with remedies

Lal Kitab Daily Rashiphal for October-November 2017

Predictions: Religion, kindness will be promoted all the time! The work of education and the work of religion will benefit. Fate will grow from brain waves and governmental people. Women and farming and soil work will benefit from this. Will be won in judicial lawsuits or in fighting quarrels

Remedies: Feed the sage with yellow robes and give them food. Do not spread hands to others.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on neck.

Predictions: You will keep the interest or idea of doing child all the time! As your wealth increases, by the way, you will be able to increase the chances of your characterlessness. Long distance trips, the birth of a son, grandson or niece in the house, the yoga of transfers, trips more in the job

Remedies: Eat saffron for health and apply it on the navel.Feed jaggery to the monkey.Black white blanket will be auspicious to give in the shrine.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: Control the heart and stay away from love, luck will change! Work with others' advice! Staying the center of attraction for all, time will be spent in make-over or make-up, wife's health is poor, others will be self-absorbed.slave of comforts,carefree and love in the rising youth.

Remedies: Do not eat jaggery. Serve black cow and bath with curd. Give your wife a gift of gold then your wealth will increase.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: Hot like blood mercury! Stay away from religion! Benefit from the daughter-in-law, do not make any relation with her, do not quarrel with mother, alcohol - stay away from meat. Keep avoiding green color. Girls will also enjoy the rule! Raaja yoga on the behalf of woman!

Remedies: Keep avoiding green color.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: There will be bad effects on the family, sister, daughter and aunt by drinking milk in a silver vessel, green vegetable and green color will ruin health. Feeding others freely in water will increase the auspicious effect.desire for wealth.red colour, sweet food, coral is good.

Remedies: Put a red handkerchief near you. Copper's nails in all the four stands(leg) of bed.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: Dominating,you like to put your leg in other's work.Transfer, government punishments, money loss from the state, stay away from corruption.

Remedies: 400 grams of coin, shed in running water. The donation of jaggery, wheat and copper always be succulent.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: the buffalo dies in the house or the fire or the house falls, eat alcohol and the fish, get trapped in love, loss of money, poor health, the yoga of change of place.

Remedies: Keep monkeys for money, press black kajal or black salt in the land for business.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: you may get benefits saggitarius from government, anger will be more, yoga or progress in business! Raaja yoga ! warm domination and soft shopkeeping will be auspicious! If you stay away from alcohol then you will be healthy and help the poor, then luck will increase! Your charity, service ans social works are good.

Remedies: Start the work by drinking jaggery and drinking water.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

Predictions: If you have a habit of taking free goods, then you will accept the price. Sweet food enthusiasts and there will be home-grown programs. Skin disorders, blood disorders and cervical diseases will bother.

Remedies: Apply the saffron to navel or tongue. Donate or charity / tide donation.Wear "Shukla siddh Pittambar topraj" on the neck.

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